What are Binary Options

Trading binary options is the system that offers two outcomes for dealers to decide on between. If you are a binary trader, keep in mind that profit is specified by the overall direction of an asset’s movement in the market rather than being awarded per market movement degree.

With Bullnbear, you can trade on the following assets specified as currency pairs, financial indices, stocks and commodities of commerce.

When it comes to binary options trading, dealers assess the current state of things based on the overall direction in which a valuable security is likely to move. As opposed to spreading betting and CFDs, where gains and losses are dependable on the security market movement degree, in binary options trading gains and losses are predetermined and fixed. The security movement direction sets returns.

Binary Options Types

Bull & Bear binary trading board offers the range of different binary options dealers can take the best of. Every method will be further described in details.

High/Low Binary Options Trading

High/Low is considered to be the most common and widely used binary options type. In this options type a dealer deposits money relying on the forecast that a particular asset will either appreciate or depreciate from its current cost by the end of the predetermined time frame. If the outcome is in compliance with the initial prediction, the dealer gains profits – if not, the dealer makes a loss.

Binary One Touch

This trading scenario works by making use of upper and lower thresholds, below and above the product’s position at the beginning of the operation. The dealer has to decide whether the mentioned product will close above the threshold (in which case the ‘purchase’ would happen) or below the threshold (in which case they would sell). In case they are correct, they will win, but if not, then they will lose.

Long Term and Short Term Trades

Both binary options methods have a set expiry at which a trade will close. At the predetermined time some minutes before the expiration, a trader will not be able to place an order on that particular trade stipulated to the fact that the option’s time frame is too short for the odds being offered. Bull and Bear customers can select the timespan of the option themselves when trading binary options.

Bull and Bear Binary board makes possible for traders to initiate long-term positions for up to a day, and short-term positions for one minute. If you want to find out more relevant data about the binary options trading process, view our ‘How to Trade Binary Options’ site page. Do not hesitate to apply for a trading account straight away and start trading with Bull and Bear.


  • Select your preferable binary trading format – Bullnbear clients have the range of attractive binary trading formats at their disposal to decide on the one which suits their behavioral patterns in the context of trading style.
  • Make a decision on the investment volume you can afford to spend. It is crucial when we are talking about the trade size dealers are comfortable with in any single case from 15$ to 2,000$.
  • Binary options variety – Bullnbear does not restrict the types of the financial product allowed to deal with. Feel free to trade currency pairs, hot commodities of commerce, indices and stocks that are available on the trading platform.