Binary Options Prices

The question many novice traders want to know is binary options price. According to the market professionals, every option settles at 100$ or 0$. It will be 100$ if the binary proposition is true, and 0$ if it is false. For this reason, each binary option is associated with an overall value estimated at potential 100$. It is all about so-called “zero-sum game.” The theory narrates about a trader’s gain that is equal to another’s loss and what he/she loses someone else makes.

Every dealer must make an investment to initiate a trade. For example, assume you purchased an option at 24.50$, and somebody sold it. Within this instance, your high limit risk is 24.50$ in case the option settles in 0. Thus the operation costs you 24.50$. The highest risk a selling trader can face is 75.50$ if the option closes at 100$ (100$ – 24.50$ = 75.50$).

Binary options market traders can purchase the number of contracts simultaneously as they wish.